Resources for Adults, Caregivers and Teachers

When kids get sick, we want to help them get better quickly, but turning to antibiotics isn’t always the answer. Knowing how and when to use antibiotics is an important step in keeping your child strong and healthy. Below are some resources from the CDC and the Marion County Public Health Department to help you learn how to talk to your doctor about antibiotic and when to use them. Also below are some coloring pages in which Sudzee and Germy teach kids how to wash their hands in order to keep germs at bay.

Handwashing Poster

Handwashing Coloring Sheet

Train Poster

Train Coloring Sheet


Communicate with your Healthcare Provider

H1N1 Information Booklet

Medical Appointment Card

Playbook - The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Sniffle or Sneeze? No Antibiotics Please

Winning Plays

Resistance anywhere is resistance everywhere

Antibiotic stewardship – the ultimate return on investment

Preserving antibiotics for the future

Delivering safe care for patients: all healthcare providers play a role

Antibiotics: Will they work when you really need them?

Antibiotic Use in Nursing Homes

Medication Disposal

Properly disposing of medications can be a bit tricky. Medicines thrown in the trash have the potential to be found by others and abused. Medications flushed down the toilet can potentially impact the environment. Always follow disposal direction on a medication's packaging if available. Medications that are expired, leftover from an unfinished prescription or no longer needed should be disposed of by following the recommendations below: