yellow colored items to wear of the wedding

Its so amazing to see her without a trach or trach ties!! Even after the trach was removed, we put her ties on to hold the gauze in place because tape/bandaids were breaking down her skin so badly that she was bleeding. We saw ENT Monday, it didn't go too well but she said Ks stoma was closed enough that we do not need the gauze anymore, but to still avoid water because it is slightly open. Also, Kaytlin has to have another surgery, hopefully her last surgery! Her stoma is still open and she has severely enlarged tonsils; she snores like a bear every night! So August 4th she will have surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids, as well as stoma revision to completely close her stoma, followed by an overnight stay for observation (because of her medical history). I just hope this is the final surgery, the final overnight stay, the medical experience she has to go through. I know how simple of a procedure this is, but it never gets easier handing your child to a surgeon. yellow colored items to wear of the wedding