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Knowing your purpose gives
meaning to your life.
We were made to have meaning.
This is why people try dubious
methods, like astrology or psychics,
to discover it.
When life has meaning, you can bear
almost anything; without it, nothing
is bearable.
A young man in his twenties wrote, "I
feel like a failure because I'm
struggling to become something,
and I don't even know what it is. All I
know how to do is to get by.
Someday, if I discover my purpose,
I'll feel I'm beginning to live."
Without God, life has no purpose,
and without purpose, life has no
meaning. Without meaning, life has
no significance or hope.
In the Bible, many different people
expressed this hopelessness. Isaiah
complained, "I have labored to no
purpose; I have spent my strength in
pain and for nothing."
Job said, "My life drags by-day after
hopeless day" and "I give up; I am
tired of living. Leave me alone. My
life makes no sense."
The greatest tragedy is not death,
but life without purpose.
Hope is as essential to your life as air what garments to wear for brides suitable for second wedding
and water.
You need hope to cope.
Dr. Bernie Siegel found he could
predict which of his cancer patients
would go into remission by asking,
"Do you want to live to be one
hundred?" Those with a deep sense
of life purpose answered yes and
were the ones most likely to survive.
Hope comes from having a purpose.
If you have felt hopeless, hold on!
Wonderful changes are going to
happen in your life as you begin to
live it on purpose.
God says, "I know what I am planning
for you.... `I have good plans for you,
not plans to hurt you. I will give you
hope and a good future.""
You may feel you are facing an
impossible situation, but the Bible
says, "God ... is able to do far more
than we would ever dare to ask or
even dream of infinitely beyond our
highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or