wedding selections added with lace sleeves

My life at home is affected in an enormous way by this pervasive disorder. My youngest son has a very severe case of OCD and it is gut wrenching to say the least. Everyday involves counting to 500 before he can make a move, touching things 50 times, wearing socks in the shower, not being able to touch a door knob or handle, too many things to mention. He is an amazing human being to work through this every day of his life. It affects everyone around him...and the thing is. wedding selections added with lace sleeves ... ..he can't help it. There are some very famous people with OCD such as Howie Mandel, David Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Howard Stern, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake. Thank God everyone at Sam's school adores him...and they get it. But for other kids, they may not be as lucky. Just remember....when you see someone who seems different. Don't may have no clue what they are dealing with!

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