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Interesting Research by Charles university in prague :)
Prague University Research: Why Do Men Look at Other Women?
By Xinni Guo - July 14, 2017

Why do men check out women? Science says it is normal.


Prague University conducted a study on the reasons why men look at other women, even when they are taken and in love. “It is a social problem, and it is natural,” they say.

This study shows that most likely, men are following their instincts, which has no impact on their love lives, despite annoying their girlfriends and wives.

Summer is the season of sun and fun, but it is a time when relationships get heated too. The busy beaches are ideal places to meet new people. With bodies barely covered by bathing suits, the exchange suggestive glances increases. After all, we all want to appreciate our surroundings.

However, it seems like men are usually the ones to give in to their temptations, and in the presence of your partner, it is risky. This being said, there is nothing wrong with looking at a beautiful girl walking past you, until there is.

But why can’t men resist watching other women, especially in such delicate situations? Science says it is instinctual.

The University of Prague has studied the issue, analyzing the dynamics of this curious phenomenon. The study determined the reason why men are generally more inclined to look at women around them, even when they are holding hands with their partners. Research shows that even the most faithful husband in the world can be dazed by a girl that particularly caught his attention. wedding garment for mature women over 40

According to the research, it is a natural tendency, and women need to learn how to not get furious with their boyfriends. When a man looks at another woman, it does not mean that he is not satisfied in his own relationship, or that he thinks that the other is more attractive. Instead, she should remember that he chooses to spend his time, or life with her.

Among other things, women should remember that they check other women out as well. Perhaps, this is the phenomenon that scientists should be studying.

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