wedding dresses with bows

In this generation you can be ignored for your morals, yet worshipped for your looks. School teaches us how to obey, not how to think. People want degrees for titles and validation, not knowledge and education. Relationships are like businesses, partners are like possessions and modern romance has been destroyed by trash tv. Dating has been destroyed by social media as people are easy to replace and tinder is like shopping. Nobody has the patience to deal with hardships anymo ... re, because not taking responsibility now has no consequences and you can receive biased confirmation for your actions just by logging into an app. Hypergamy is glorified in the media even though it's dishonourable. Hyper-sexual freedom is fetishised in the media even though it's immoral. Everything's about status, image, titles and perceived value. We care more for our individual legacy than we do about our environment. We crave acceptance more than anything. We're impulsive and integrity is a value that's become obsolete. Nobody wants to tell the truth because telling the truth isn't cool. People care about what's popular, not what's right. Trends are more important than virtues. It's all a game init. We're a superficial, amoral millennia and if you don't see the problem, well I just don't know. wedding dresses with bows

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