wedding dresses for older women

Many women look 3 times older than their age because of stress and exhaustion.We marry them and then turn them into maids.You seat dwn in front of the tv wth yr phone and watch yr wife work until she's about to pass out and jst before she sleeps,u still want sex.Seriously,are u kidding me.Dnt u see u are wicked.As a man,who told u dat it is wrong to wash dishes?Who told u dat it is wrong to dress a bed?And there's this twisted view of marriage dat has led to an increase in domestic violence where they'll see a man cooking and they be like"Sipho you need to get married so u can stop cooking".Let me tell u,don't marry a woman to clean or cook for u bt marry to assist,love,cherish and enjoy each other.If u are getting married because u feel u need someone to cook and do all house work for u,then get a housemaid. wedding dresses for older women
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