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Pick A, B, or C

What kind of mate would you rather have RIGHT NOW...

A. Super stable, reliable and caring. Never cheat or cause drama and builds for future as a team. Super boring, not good passionately at all, no sex appeal and below average looks.

B. Average looks, average career, no great sparks but not bad, ok conversation, slightly below average passionately, gets on your nerves a tad but no drama and can be fun at times.

C. Perfect build, Super fine, super sexy, epic skills in bed, super exciting, fun and causes extreme butterflies all the time, finest possessions and luxeries, relationship is very volitile, drama very often but also trips and gifts often also, everyone likes them but you catch them in lies and they can be selfish and emotionally immature. silver color wears for bridesmaid With Sequins

Which would you honestly want RIGHT NOW in your life??