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Day #5 - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . . I woke up early feeling energized and not sick at all. Yay! I got ready fast since I was very excited for my Segway tour. I ate the remainder of my bland dinner the previous night and left with plenty of time to get to Plaza de España where I was to meet my guide by the Cervantes monument. Seemed easy enough - I took the Metro line 1 (about 20 steps from my door) to the Sol stop and then line 3 to Plaza de España. I was actually able to purchase a ticket with all Spanish prompts - damn, I’m good! ? i arrived about 15 minutes early, walked up the steps and voila! There was the phallic symbol known as the Cervantes monument. There were bronze statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, and other smaller statues on all sides (you’ll see - I took like 20 photos of it). I walked around looking for a stalwart group of Segwayers, but I didn’t recognize any. I called the company and they said that my guide was at the fountain. So I left the monument and headed for the fountain - nope, no guide. The phone rang and it was my guide, Veronica, who was now at the monument - geez. So I asked her to stay put and we found each other! Young, blonde, and gorgeous - she was a delight from the first minute. We walked to the office to get the Segways, she watched to make sure I knew how to maneuver it, and we were off.

We went back to the Cervantes monument and she told me all the back story and cool parts of the monument. Then to another part of the aquare where a set of Egyptian structures sat on a pond (reminded me of the When Harry Met Sally scene about a cartoon character named Sphinxy). Then we headed for the Royal Palace (which I am visiting tomorrow) - pretty spectacular - reminded me of Versailles. We moved on to some ctowded areas which led to my downfall (literally). As we were maneuvering around some closely spaced cement posts, I somehow hit the side of the post and went flying. I landed on my head and back - knocked the wind right out of me. I lay there, making little panting sounds as I tried to catch my breath. Poor Veronica offered to call an ambulance, take me to a doctor, whatever I needed. I became to assess the damage - head was protected by a helmet softened by a hoodie insidd - head’s okay; moved limbs - mothing broken there; sat then stood up - everything functioning correctly - wow, did I dodge a bullet! I hit the concrete HARD. I went to sit down for a minute, and then I got back on the Segway and finished the tour. I tipped Veronica (she felt so bad about my fall) then I walked down a cute side street and found a nice lunch place; had a club sandwich (not too much bread) and some chips. Sated, I shopped the area around Plaza de España, getting a Swatch, some souvenirs, and MAC lipstick (she gave me the wrong color so I am taking it back tomorrow). By thenI was beginning to feel the pulled muscles and damages done to my ribs, so I visited a souvenir shop and then headed to the Metro. Ticket success again! I hobbled back to the apt, took a long hot shower, and took a brief nap. When I awoke, my left side was so sore that anytime I moved any part of it, I involuntarily moaned - so much pain! I gingerly dressed, had mediocre paella for dinner, then back to the apt to begin packing. That didn’t last long. sexy long dresses

Lesson learned - I have never experienced such a dangerous fall so I am quitting Sedeays from now on. The next fall would probably kill me. Would needs that? I have a lot of world left to see! I’ll be home on Wednesday night. Mom, break out the Biofreeze! Pics from the day follow: