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"As a first step toward freedom from topical steroids, let me share the Banerji Protocol for super itchy skin all over the body:

Antimonium crud 6 twice a day.
Antimonium crudum 6 is not the only homeopathic we have in our arsenal for itchy skin, but especially if there’s no rash.


If the itching is rather new and steroids have not been used (or not used for long), it should only take a few weeks to see improvement.

If the condition is chronic, continue with the use of the medicine for 6-8 weeks or until it’s very much improved and the itching is resolved. prom selections in black

If it’s done no good, either by not acting or making things worse, the use of the homeopathic ought to be halted.

In fact, anytime a homeopathic has made things worse, stop using it.

However, if you’re honestly not seeing improvement after six to eight weeks, then it might be time to look to the next protocol"

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