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I became a manager a year and a half ago with a small team, Business Planning. Six months later, the Operations Team was given to me as well for a complete overhaul and the first thing I did was to change the name to Customer Relations (because well, phonetics).

I thought management was insane and was trying to test me, so we held on. Then came the targets, accounts that we needed to close, contracts that needed to be reviewed, and decisions that tested our sanity (2 departments working 24/7). There came nights and weekends where staying up late just to think of ideas were a norm. Some of you would even seldom see me in the office (mga dodong at inday, kung alam nyo lang na ang bawat kape ay trabaho). My personal life even suffered for a time. My friends would even joke everytime I'd answer a call or an email while in the middle of a "fellowship session". Caffeine along with your support helped me balance everything. prom party garments for a baby toddler

A lot of things happened; we negotiated to absorb all the agency-hires, opened alliances, did projections (wohoo, Math, Stat, Stata, Powerpoint and Excel!), streamlined the subteams, promotions here and salary adjustments there. There came a point where lateral transfers were negotiated and debated long enough. It was stressful but we held on.

The team became bigger; we welcomed and bid farewell to some. Just the same, for every "hellos" and "see you soons", the dynamics of the two departments were merged into one diverse group. Both groups were given the opportunity to define their own value-added in the process. It became a yin and a yang where one group learns from the other. For one, exposure and business strategy. The other, value and sense of worth. It was a tough balancing act but it was worth fighting for.

As the team came to realize our strengths and areas for improvement, we were overcoming every single challenge ahead of us beyond the numbers. Thanks to all your efforts, we stood by each other. Although I cannot completely say that I enjoyed all the one-on-ones in the principal's office because "your kid did something, again", I enjoyed every minute that you all tried to take risks. I enjoyed having debates in your defense whenever you were right and be the first to apologize if you were at fault. It kept me from being bored with the job.

So for all the crazy and happy things that happened (and will continue to happen), I am just more than fulfilled to be doing this. We will not be together forever as I always tell everyone. But please remember that you are all an important part of the team. I am more than happy to be part of improving your lives, and guiding your careers.

For the five-letter acronym, we remain.

I still look forward for that complete department photo one day.