non white color items for wedding

Lily has now been missing for a week. She is a tan/yellow pomeranian doxie mix, about 11 lbs and a foot tall.

Last seen being taken by a man with long brown hair, white skin, about six feet tall, fedora and john lennon style glasses.

Got a message yesterday she may have been spotted in the yellow bike trailer of a homeless man.

She is now believed to be stolen but still may be lost and we are desperately trying to get her back.

Lily's disappearance has caused severe emotional distress for several children, our baby and even our cat. Kitty has been acting out, crying, biting people and refusing to eat since his best friend disappeared - all very unusual behaviors for him. non white color items for wedding

Please everyone, help us get our fur baby back!!! We will give you $500 cash immediately upon her safe return. Keep an eye out on the streets, amongst the local homeless people and even neighbors. We very much appreciate it!!!