maid of honor wears look unusual

This is the dress I wore for my sisters wedding. I was the Maid of honor and felt so ugly/uncomfortable that day but I kept telling myself this day isn’t about me! I slapped some SPANX on and said “f*** it” just focus on your role and honor your sister and brother in law. My sisters BFF kept saying “you look great, you’ve had three kids” -yes, I’ve had three children and I’m proud of that but how I feel about myself is super important, too. When I saw myself in the mirror I saw someone who wasn’t healthy and on a road of destruction. That day and really for months I felt awful physically and emotionally. I was lethargic, depressed, cranky, and just not myself. So, September 29th I made Adam promise me we’d do the 30 days 100% with NO hiccups. We did it and we both feel and look insanely awesome. My bloat is gone, my bathroom issues are gone, my energy is back, and my weight is going down, and my mental state is in a really good place. Nothing feels better than being healthy!!! maid of honor wears look unusual

Okay, here it is. I’ll post my before picture in the comments and have Adam take a picture tonight to show a side by side.

If you want details on my program please feel free to reach out.

Happy Friday friends!


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