lace decorated items to wear of the wedding

Hi all, sorry it has been a long, long time since I have put up any posts. This was due to circumstances out of my control and the fact that I have spent an awful long time making the edging for my daughter-in-law's wedding veil. I don't know how many of you remember me starting this edging - anyway I finished it earlier this year (unfortunately much too late to be worn for the wedding - again due to circumstances). I was determined to finish the lace. I made just over 200 inches of this Bedfordshire Lace pattern - you could say that my
tallies have improved no end. I was really pleased with the end result (sorry that the full photo of the veil is sideways but could not find a way to turn it round). My daughter-in-law was pleased with the end result although it has been put away as an heirloom after the lace had been attached. She did wear the veil on her wedding day minus the lace. Now I am making small items to use up the thread that is left on the bobbins as I hate to waste thread by throwing it away in the bin so out have come the prickings for bracelets, bookmarks and Christmas decorations! lace decorated items to wear of the wedding