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Apologize for the length of this post & not being retirement related. Just a little story about my resignation from the Fort Washington Pa PO. The story begins w/ me calling out sick (called the sick line) Feb 3rd & 4th of this year. I txt my supervisor to tell her I was having family issues & needed this time off. When I looked at my pay stub I noticed I was charged A/L. I mentioned this to the Supervisor. She said she changed it to a/l & would change it back. Weeks went by & she never did. She told me the Post Master told her it would cost the PO $300 to make the change. I told her I didn't really care. This went on for 3 weeks. On Mar 3rd. I went to the Supervisor and PM and told them I was leaving & my last day would be Friday Mar 17th. The PM told me if I signed the resignation letter & resigned on Monday Mar 20th I would get 2 sick days & it would make up for the 2 days the supervisor never changed. I did what he advised me to do. I happen to wake up sick Thursday Mar 16th & called the sick #. My supervisor txt me later that day & told me to bring in a Dr note for that 1 day. I questioned it but I brought it in. In the end I didn't get paid for Thursday Mar 16th or The 2 days the PM (Mar 18th & Mar 20th) told me I would get as sick time. I called the union about both. Since I was no longer an employee & it was over 30 days old, the union would not help me on the 2 days situation. They did grieve the Mar 16th incident. I lost the grievance because my supervisor said I requested off Mar 16th, she denied it & I called out sick. I knew she was lying & requested a copy of the request form & no one can come up w/ it. My union rep can not "get it" & my Supervisor & PM have blocked my calls. I lost 3 days pay ($400.00). I had to pay for an extra pay of health insurance ($152.00) because Mar 18th & 20th put us in a new pay period. Now the PO is billing me for $134.00 for A/l time I used & didnt have (remember the a/l my supervisor decided to use when I called out sick). I went to the union, HR from the 800 #, a lawyer, my local congressman's office & a Miss Jordan from the Phila local HR office. NO ONE could help me. Just a heads up to all you USPS employees out there. If you ever get an offer to transfer to that office, Just Say No. informal casual wears for a beach wedding