glamorous prom dresses

ISO large floral corsage. I'm getting married and would like to wear a large floral corsage; I prefer silk because I don't want to damage my satin dress with plant juices. Contemporary silk corsages are all too "prom-y" or are a boutonniere masquerading as a corsage. I (obviously, I'm in OLL) prefer vintage or made with vintage materials, but I know that as a delicate item, many corsages may not have lasted. I can hand sew, and am willing to salvage parts of existing vintage corsages to make a "new" one (but will not do so unless the corsage could only be salvaged as being used for parts). I'm willing to accept a contemporary version that is dedicated vintage style (think Re-mix shoes). I'd like the corsage to be at about 6" tall and be mostly white. Hints of pink, cream, silver, and green (leaves, stems) are okay too. P.S. May we all aspire to be as glamorous as Dinah Shore, Dorothy Layton, Ginger Rogers, and Hedy Lamarr. P.P.S. "Please list items with price & photos per group rules." glamorous prom dresses