formal dresses for pregnant ladies

Episode 7
"Martha I need a very cold tea for breakfast and little
milk and then two slices of bread. I want it ready before
I finish dressing up"
"okay sir. Oga please I wanted reminding you about the
money I asked you for "
" what money! I don't know I now pluck money from
trees. Ohh I see, it seems you are getting too
comfortable in this house that's why you have the guts
to ask me for irrelevant things, will you get out of my
sight now! " Ade curled his hand into a fist as he
watched Martha hurrying back to the kitchen. He hissed
and entered into his room.
" he is just too mean and I will teach him a lesson. I
wonder why he hates me this much". She scooped some
milo into the tea cup and put some milk in it and stirred
in some water then she smiled to herself "now it is time
to make tea"
She rushed to her room and brought out a whitish
powdered substance in a small white leather and
proceeded to the kitchen.
" blessing told me a pinch but I will put all of it... Yes! " formal dresses for pregnant ladies
She emptied the whole content of the leather and stirred
the contents of the cup. " Martha where is my breakfast
am running late! "
" am coming sir! ". She rushed to the dining and gave it
to Ade who kept on gulping the contents of the cup till
it got empty.
" why does this tea taste so different today Martha? "
he began to pack his files and put them into his
briefcase. She smiled at least he will have my time now
this is the right moment to tell him this.
"ehmm oga I am pregnant, we are going to have a
baby" she jumped as she concluded. She was brought
back from her joyous journey by Ade's hysterical
"Martha are you serious! " Ade asked again laughing
harder this time. Martha smiled and joined her boss
laughing, she would give her friend a huge amount of
money after this.
" wow.. That's good news my dear. Just wait till I get
back from work". He grabbed his briefcase and headed
out. Martha jumped and did a small dance and
proceeded to her room, she needed to call blessing and
tell her the good news.
Romoke smiled sadly she replayed the scene she saw at
Ade's office, she had seen the lady he was with, It was
that same lady that slapped her. She groaned inwardly,
she had really been a fool falling in love with her Boss,
Edet had warned her but she didn't believe him not until
she saw it herself. And since then she had tried avoiding
him she was happy when his secretary came back from
her leave of absence. Romoke had moved back to her
office on the first floor and Ade had behaved like nothing
really happened not that they were dating anyways. She
sighed, the intercom buzzed again
"Miss Romoke.... Oga Ade wants to see you in his office
now. "
" okay " her heart beat suddenly increased and she
suddenly started feeling hot even inside an air-
conditioned room she touched her chest and wondered
what he wanted to say to her but whatever it was, she
assured herself that she isn't going to be his next prey.
Ade kept on pacing up and down his office he stopped
to look through the window, Martha is pregnant for
him? No it can't be it was only twice and he didn't spill
his seed in her. He loosened his tie, now he had another
problem Romoke. He had been avoiding her because he
had been to ashamed and too proud to apologize, now
what would she think of him? but he didn't realize he
had fallen in love with her until the Dara's incident, he
has really missed Romoke's gists, advices are company.
He heard a knock on his door and quickly went to his
"come in " he has never seen her on trousers but she
really looked good in her black office trouser and a
cream Blazers and it seemed as if she wore a new
hairstyles, ah! Yeah, the black braids really brought out
her face and made her smooth V-shaped face glow.
" you sent for me sir? " why is she acting all formal.
" ah! Yes! Romoke please sit"
Romoke tried not to look at his face cause she could
feel herself shaking but she was going to stand her
ground, she can't keep loving a man that doesn't care
about her feelings. He even looked quite handsome, his
beards were quite shaved and she could see through the
shirt he wore how broader his shoulders are, she cleared
her throat this is not her first time seeing this guy so
why is noticing all these now, she shook her head as if
to burst lustful imaginations but they seem to increase,
she was thankful when he broke the silence.
"ehmm, you see Dara is my ex. I mean ex girlfriend. So
whatever happened was just nothing and am sorry it
It meant something! You cheat! You hurt me! She
wanted to say all those but she sat tongue tied and the
only thing she kept on saying was
" no problem sir "
" Am serious Romoke it means nothing, am really sorry
about it" and I love you he wanted to add but he felt it
was too early for such.
"it doesn't matter sir it's not as if we are in a
relationship. So don't feel sorry sir". Romoke blurted out
before she could stop herself, she pinched herself and
looked up to meet Ade's burning gaze, he was not
happy why would she utter this statement he thought.
"okay, but you didn't tell me you and Edet are in a
relationship... But I hope we still remain friends
Romoke? " she shook her head, was he jealous ohh it
was because he saw them that day.
" no sir we are not dating, we are just colleagues
nothing more " Ade felt his heart do a somersault
atleast she is still single.
" okay.... Can I atleast take you to lunch this afternoon
please? " She smiled she was loving all these but she
would still make sure she doesn't fall into his trap as
she doesn't want to be deceived she thought
" no problem sir"
"it's not sir.. It's Ade " he smiled even though Martha's
discovery still lurked somewhere in his mind he was
going to deal with that when he gets home.
Dara picked up her phone and kept on dialing the
number on her screen but she kept on hearing '' the
number you are calling is busy''. She threw the phone
on her bed in frustration as she kept on pacing round
her well furnished room. a smallish fair woman peeked
into her room and walked in fully she was Dara's
carbon copy except that she looked older. Mrs Sarah
Davis a woman of high standard and respect she owned
a thriving secondary school as well as a university.
Rumors had it that it was after the death of her
husband 28 years ago that she started flourishing but
she didn't seem to care about all those rumors all she
cared about is to make her money, attend parties and
also to paint the town red with her sugar boys. Yeah
sugarboys! She sure has them plenty both the models,
the athletes and even the mechanics, a friend of hers
once asked her "Sarah why mechanics of all men?" she
would say "because they make a dirty work clean and
their machines are strong and well lubricated". Her only
friend is Ade's mother though they hardly see because
of her schedules but they spoke almost all the time on
"Dara.... What's wrong? I was told you haven't touched
your food? " Dara sat on the bed and began to sob.
" why will Ade keep treating me like trash mom? I did
what you adviced me to do, I went to his office last
week and since then he hasn't even called me neither
has he picked my call".
"is that why you are unhappy? Ehnnn Dara? Oya clean
your tears". Dara cleaned her tears. She wondered why
guys always dumps her but just take a look at her
plumpy mother, most men would prefer been with her
mom rather than her. But why? She asked herself and
stared at her mother who was busy chatting away on
her phone before she met her daughter's gaze.
"why are you staring at me now madam?... So you said
Ade doesn't have your time right? "
" yes mummy "
" good.. So is he seeing anyone? "
" hmm no... well I don't know but I heard him mention
one name ehmm Romoke ". Her mom stared at her like
she was still trying to process the name.
" Romoke? What kind of local name is that? So you
mean your rival is Romoke? I haven't seen the person
but the name sounds local". She stood up and started
to walk out of her daughter's room
"mom... Please I need Ade to look at me at least as his
girlfriend " she concluded as she walked up to her mom.
" ehnnn that is a small issue now, u just get her
surname but for the main time I will talk to Ade's
"thks mom you are the best! "
" oya come and eat your food, I will be going out so
don't expect me tonight "
" okay mom... " she replied sadly and her mom walked
out of her room. Sometimes she felt her mom is too
wild to be a mother cause which woman in her right
senses will always party and have lots of sugar boys.
Well atleast if she gets back with Ade she would marry
him and leave her crazy mother alone, she sighed and
walked to the dining table to devour her food.