dresses for wedding reception

This is so well written. Bangladeshi weddings used to be a lot simpler back in the days but now it's just an another way to show off wealth to seek some sort of validation from society. Rather than celebrating love or an union of two people, it's all about how much money you spend, how many people you invite, how luxarious everything is and how expensive bride's dress and jewelleries are. Brides in Bangladesh barely look like themselves, because a beautiful bride is supposed to only have white skin, blue or green eyes, with lots of cheeks and somewhat crazy big eyes. So brides wear heavy make up to create this crazy unrealistic look and somewhat that is considered beautiful. Family saves fortunes for years or even take loans just to impress people and feed their ego. And most guests will attend weddings not to celebrate but to compare and criticise. In my opinion, a wedding should never be about money or ego or society, period. dresses for wedding reception