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Friday October 13th is not so magical after all for a wedding day. My name is Tiffany Clark. I have never been much of a superstitious person but here is my story. I have the honor of marrying my best friend. From the moment I laid eyes on him on our first date, my mind was at ease. His smile reassured me that this was going to be something special. We lived together for a year and a half before we decided that we wanted to get married. Like most couples we then
decided to start planning for our special day. You know the one every little girl plans from the time she thinks she understands what love is, and finally till she is planning it with the one who shows her what love actually is. In November
2016, I found my dream dress maker (but more on that later.) On January 15th 2017, I found the perfect venue, it was everything I wanted. For an added bonus for the price of other Birmingham Alabama venues it was a STEAL! For the price of one day at others, I had two full days at the venue with an overnight stay for my whole wedding party. Can you say amazing? I imagined the whole event, it was literally going to be the best few days of my life. On March 11th 2017, I went to the last dress appointment I would have to endure. Being on the plus size side, I found this to be really hard emotionally. I never felt good enough in most dresses. You have to believe me when I say, movies and television reality shows do not lie about this part, you know when it is the dress. Just like you know when you are with the right person... Going into Alfred Angelo that day to buy my SIGNATURE Alfred Angelo Disney princess Belle dress (Belle 206) was putting me one step closer to joining myself to him for the rest of my life. Planning for the most part was over that day, as we now in March had all the big concerns out of the way for an October wedding. Everything was perfect and stress free. I remember in this period of time joking with my friends because they have always said that I would be a bridezilla. (I have still proved them wrong, love you guys lol.) On July 5th 2017, my fiancee received a call from his mother. His expression changed instantly, and by the looks of it, I thought he lost a family member. Then I was handed the phone. She called to inform me that our wedding venue has burned down, in a total loss. I was devastated, of course I was as equally concerned for the owners. Not in anyway cliche, but they are the nicest people. I hated that this had destroyed something they put a tremendous amount of time and effort into. The fact that I picked Friday October 13th to get married was already challenging. To reserve Brick Haven, I had to scrounge up enough money the day I toured the place, because the very next day someone was coming to book their wedding for MY date. I was able to make it work. So I was able to book it. For my price range even back then, the venues available were slim. Now in July, I was calling all venues possible..even ones I did not want or ever thought about, I was desperate.July 8th, I was called by Alfred Angelo, my dress was ready and I was scheduled to pick it up on the 15th of July because it was my first off day. YAY, something was going right after the disaster that was "trying" and failing to find another venue.July 14th, Alfred Angelo files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Which is why I am posting this, I am very desperate. I need a social media miracle. I haven't been so luckly lately, so I don't see this making a difference. However, hear it goes. I have a little under a week to get in touch with someone from the Alfred Angelo ASHFORD DUNWOODY ATLANTA GEORGIA store. I have facebook messaged the woman who sold me my dress. I went back to her three times and made sure I bought my dress from her because she was such a nice person. I am so sorry for everything she is going through as well. She lost her job, I understand why no one wants to deal with this. You feel hurt by the same company. I get it. But Ineed this dress at this point after what all has happened. My dress is sitting in a legally locked door that if I dont get it by Wednesday or Thursday (August 9th or 10th 2017) it will be sold to a whole salesman who will turn it into 4 times the profit for him, if I contact him trying to buy what is rightfully ours. My mother and father worked very hard to get me this dream dress, something I could not afford myself in the process of paying off students loans after graduating with a Bachelors in Biology that has not turned into any lifelong career, as of yet. My email is [email protected] Thank you so much for your time. disney princess wedding dresses

***Update, attached is a picture of a response from one of the workers there. Why I am reaching out like this. I have taken off their name, because even though she responded negatively, I do not want her harassed. I just want this dress