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Chapter Forty Six

"Is he gay?" Aiko said out of nowhere while we were watching American Psycho. Tinawagan niya ako kanina para samahan siyang magshopping. Ilang beses niya na akong inayang lumabas at palagi ko siyang tinanggihan. This time wala na akong maisip na dahilan and I didn't want her to think na iniiwasan ko siya. Naisip ko rin na I shouldn't let Tristan affect our friendship. Just because boyfriend niya na si Tristan, it doesn't mean we can't be friends anymore.

After shopping, pumunta kami dito sa condo niya at nanonood ng movie like we always do when we hang out. We spent the whole day together and surprisingly she never mentioned anything about Tristan. It was weird because she used to talk about him non-stop.

I turned my head from the tv to her and gave her a weird look. "Patrick Bateman? No, I don't think he's gay..." Sabi ko sa kanya. I reverted my eyes back to the tv and took a popcorn from the bowl.

"Not him. Si Tristan, is he gay?" She asked.

I almost choked on the popcorn in my mouth and started coughing. Tristan? Gay? Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o ano. I never thought I'd hear Tristan and gay together in one sentence. We've lived together, we had GREAT sex... kahit kailan hindi pumasok sa isip ko ang idea na iyon. He is every inch a man at maraming beses niyang napatunayan iyon.

"What made you think that?" I asked with my brows furrowed.

"We've been dating for almost a month and we still haven't... you know." She sighed and frowned. "He's always making up excuses not to have sex with me. Oh I didn't bring any condom, I'm tired, I'm not in the mood." She rolled her eyes and popped popcorn in her mouth.

"So you mean, you guys never did 'it'? I asked surprised. She shook her head as an answer. "But I saw you... you were with him... on your bed... and you two were kissing."

"Nothing happened, he left right after you did. Sabi niya he didn't bring protection." Lumabi siya.Nothing happened between them... they never had sex? It made me pause for a moment. Nothing. Happened. It took some time for my brain to process what she said. "Is something wrong with me? Am I not attractive enough?"

"No, no... there's nothing wrong with you, you're beautiful pero ikaw na nga ang nagsabi na he's different. Maybe he respects you enough and he just wants to take it slow." Sabi ko sa kanya.

"You think so?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "Are you happy with him, Aiko?"

"Of course, I am. I love him." Sabi niya.

"Paano kapag bumalik ka na sa LA?" I asked. She only had two more weeks before she goes back to California. Tatlong buwan lang siyang puwede magstay dito sa Pilipinas dahil may mga trabaho pa siyang naiwan sa Los Angeles.

"Sabi niya pupuntahan naman niya ako doon." She answered.

"You think it'll work out?" Tanong ko. "What if you find another guy in LA or what if he finds someone else. Mahirap ang long distance relationsip."

"Bakit kayo naman ni Jason, you're still together." Sabi niya.

"I dated other guys, Aiko." I reminded her.

"Oo nga, pero hindi ka naman seryoso sa kanila. You were faithful to Jason." Sabi niya and she furrowed her brows. "Why don't you like Tristan?"

"It's not that I don't like him." It's just that I'm in love with him and I can't bear seeing him with you. And I know she's only going to get hurt in the end. "I just don't want you to end up getting hurt."

"Why would I get hurt?" She looked at me puzzled. "Is there something I don't know?"

"Nothing." Sagot ko. Nothing except that he was a former con artist male prostitute and also he's my ex-boyfriend. "Long distance relationship just isn't easy. What if he fools around with other girls when you go back to LA?"

"Tristan, would never do that." She shrugged and turned her attention to the tv. We went back to watching the movie again. After a few minutes, nag ring ang doorbell. Aiko got up to open the door.

"Oh hi, Jason. Hey Miranda, it's your husband." Sigaw ni Aiko habang nakatayo sa pinto. I turned my head to the door where she was standing. I knew it was him. Tumawag siya kanina sa akin bago kami manood ng movie, he said he was going to pick me up dito. She opened the door wider. "Come in."

Jason stepped inside and Aiko closed the door.

"Make yourself comfortable." Si Aiko.

Tumayo ako at sinalubong si Jason. He hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Hey, beautiful." He said. I smiled at him, we have to play the sweet couple in front of other people.

"Aw, how sweet." Aiko said, looking at us.

"Let's go, wife?" Si Jason.

"Okay, we have to go, Aiko." Sabi ko sa kanya.

"Oh, before you leave I just wanted to know if you guys would maybe want to come to dinner on Sunday? Nothing fancy, just a simple, quiet supper." Aiko said. Nagkatinginan kaming dalawa ni Jason and he nodded his head.

"By all means, we'd love to." Sumagot si Jason.

"Great!" She said before giving me a hug. "Bye, Miranda." And then, she turned to Jason and gave him a cheek to cheek kiss. "Bye, Jason. See you on Sunday!"

Jason pressed the doorbell and we waited for someone to open the door. After a couple of second the door opened and it was Tristan. We stood silent for the first few seconds awkwardly exchanging glances. Tristan turned his eyes to Jason at nagsukatan sila ng titig. I squeezed Jason's arm to make him stop.

"Come in..." Said Tristan in a cold voice. Tumalikod siya at naglakad papunta sa kitchen at sinundan namin siya.

"They're here, Aiko." Sabi ni Tristan. She was standing in front of the oven wearing an apron over her casual baby blue dress. Aiko turned her head to us and smiled.

"You guys came just in time. The salmon is almost done." Sabi ni Aiko.

The timer on the oven started beeping frantically. She put on her mitts and turned to the oven. The delicious smell filled the room as she took the pan out from the oven.

"Careful, babe. Baka mapaso ka." Sabi ni Tristan kay Aiko. Hearing him call her babe irked me.

"Don't worry about me." Nakangiting sabi ni Aiko. Nilapag niya ang pan sa counter top. "Ako na ang bahala dito. Asikasuhin mo na lang si Miranda at Jason."

"Okay." Kibit-balikat na sabi niya.

"Thanks, babe." She said before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. I looked away, not wanting to see it. I knew it was going to be a long night. God, I'm going to watch them be all lovey dovey and kissy faced all night. Kaya ko ba ito?

"Why don't you guys sit down while I prepare our dinner." Sabi ni Aiko. We followed Tristan to the dining room and Jason pulled a chair for me. The table was round and it was decorated beautifully with white linen, lit candles and flowers. Tristan sat down next to me, across from Jason.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the three of us and I could feel them staring at each other with intense dislike. Lumabas si Aiko mula sa kusina na dala ang pagkain. Saka lang naghiwalay ng tingin ang dalawa.

"Dinner is ready." She said as she put it down on the table. "Baked salmon with cream cheese mayo."

"That smells so nice." Sabi ni Jason. "And you set a nice table here, Aiko."

"Oh, Tristan did it. He told me he used to work as a waiter kaya magaling siya sa mga ganyan." Sagot ni Aiko.

"Where? At a strip club?" Jason chuckled. I saw Tristan threw him a nasty look and Jason smirked at him and his eyes flickered with a hint of malice.

"Oh, Jason, you're such a joker." She giggled, oblivious of the tension around her. Aiko sat down on the vacant chair between Tristan and Jason and we started eating.

Aiko took out a bottle of alcohol and we sat in the living room after dinner. I glanced at Tristan and Aiko who were cuddling on the other end of the couch. His arms were wrapped around her and she was resting her back on his chest. I felt a sharp pang in my chest but fought it back and tried to ignore it.

Jason put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. I caught Tristan looking with his eyes narrowed. I didn't look away and neither did he. For a few moments it was like a staring contest. Aiko started giving him small kisses on the cheek and I lost when I looked away.

"Let's make this night interesting, why don't we all share how we lost our virginity." Sabi ni Aiko. Parehong natawa si Jason at Tristan and I shrugged. Nagpalit-palit ang tingin niya sa aming tatlo. "What? Nothing bonds like sharing a secret."

"Okay, why don't you go first." Jason grinned.

"Fine, I'll go first." She rolled her eyes, smiling. "I lost my virginity when I was 16 to my first boyfriend at the back of his car." She said giggling.

"My first experience was with a friend when I was 14. We did it in her room while her parents were downstairs. They thought we were doing our homework together but we were actually doing each other." Si Jason.

"A friend?" Aiko laughed. "You two must have been very close."

"You bet! We knew each other from the inside and out. I've been inside so many times." Natatawang sabi ni Jason. Tumawa din si Aiko.

"How about you, Miranda?" Tumingin sa akin si Aiko.

"How about me what?" I asked innocently I knew what she was asking... I was just hoping I could get away with answering it.

"C'mon don't be a prude. We've told our stories, it's your turn." Aiko said. "How and when did you lose your virginity?"

"I..." I looked at Tristan and he was looking right back at me. His lips formed a smug smile and there was a hint of pride on his face. Jerk! "I lost it when I was 19, he was so small I didn't even feel it go in. It was nothing special... actually it sucked." Of course, I was lying para saktan ang ego niya.

Jason's laughter boomed through the room. I gave Tristan a sideway glanced and smirked as his smug smile disappeared. It did work!

"It was that bad?" Natatawang tanong ni Aiko.

I nodded my head before taking a little sip of vodka and making a face as I swallow. Vodka isn't really my thing. It's just too strong for me. I usually drink fruity alcohol drinks.

"Ikaw naman, Tristan." Sabi ni Aiko.

"I was 16, it was at a motel with a woman twice my age." He said with a shrug. He clearly looked like he didn't want to talk about it. Naalala ko ang ikinuwento niya sa akin dati. May isang babaeng lumapit sa kanya at sinabing tutulungan siya. Binihisan siya nito, pinakain, binigyan ng maayos na tutulugan pero may kapalit pala lahat ng iyon. She exploited Tristan. He was just a young, naive teenage boy na gustong makaahon sa kahirapan. He didn't want to go back to living in the streets kaya pumayag siya sa lahat ng gusto ng babaeng tumulong sa kanya. She forced him into prostitution para mapagkakitaan. I remember crying habang kinukwento niya sa akin iyon. Naninikip pa rin ang dibdib nang maalala ko iyon ngayon.

"Oohh... so you like older, experienced women huh?" Aiko said giggling. Tristan answered him with a shrug.

"How much is your rate?" One corner of Jason's lips curled higher. I gave him a squeeze on the leg to shut him up.

Tristan's eyes narrowed to Jason. "I'm sorry?"

"I mean sa motel. How much is the rate? I've never been to a motel before." Sabi ni Jason. I knew he was subtly insulting Tristan at alam kong alam din ni Tristan iyon.

"I can't remember, that was a long time ago." He answered in a cold tone.

"Need help?" I almost dropped the dish I was washing when I heard his voice from behind me. Pinagpatuloy ko ang paghuhugas ng plato and didn't bother to turn around.

After awhile of drink, everyone got drunk well... except me. I only had two shots of vodka. Hinatid na ni Tristan si Aiko sa kwarto niya and I left Jason sleeping on the couch. Pumunta ako dito sa kusina at naisipan kong ligpitin na lang ang pinagkainan namin sa mesa.

"No, I'm good." I answered. I felt him took a step closer to me and my heart started beating fast with anticipation. Napasinghap ako when he pressed his hot body against my back. I started to move but he blocked me with his arms. He placed his hands on the counter on each side of me, trapping me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck sending shivers down my body. He traced a line with his nose from my neck to my cheek and gave me a single kiss. "God, Andi, I want you."

Napapikit ako ng mariin. Alam kong hindi ito tama. We're in Aiko's condo at nasa kabilang kwarto lang siya, drunk as hell. But I also knew I could never resist him. No matter how hard I try hindi ko siya kayang hindi-an. And he knows it, he knows I want him as much as he wants me. Gumapang ang isang kamay niya sa pisngi ko at hinarap niya ako sa kanya. He pressed his lips against mine hungrily and I could taste alcohol. Alam kong marami din siyang nainom.

I felt his other hand on the side of my thigh, slowly making its way up my skirt. I felt that familiar heat building up between my thighs. I wanted to stop this before it's too late, before I lose complete control but it was so hard. How can I stop something I want to happen?

"This is so wrong." I managed to murmur against his lips.

"I know, baby." He said breaking the kiss. Bumaba ang halik niya sa leeg ko, he slowly slid his hand up my skirt and palmed me through my underwear. His other hand cupped my breast, squeezing it gently. He stopped massaging it after awhile and used that hand to unbutton his pants. Then I felt his hardness brushing on my inner thigh. He began stroking it up and down on my thigh, he was getting harder and harder every second and it excites me. I could feel myself getting wet already with anticipation.

He started rubbing his dick on the outside of my underwear. I moaned and rocked myself back and forth on his long length. He chuckled before pushing my panties aside and he pushed himself inside me. Filling me inch by inch, stretching me so good. It's been more than a month since the last time we did this and I could feel my tightness wrapping around him.

"Do you feel it now, Andi?" He whispered in my ear in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, oh god, yes!" I began moving my hips, wanting him to go deeper in to me. Hinawakan niya ang magkabilang baywang ko para pigilan ako.

"Small?" He asked teasingly.

"No..." I said in a small voice. He still couldn't get over what I said about his penis being small.

"Can you feel how tight you are around me, babe?" He asked.

"Yes..." I whimpered and he finally started moving. He thrusted into me deep and slowly.

"Andi!" My body froze when I heard that voice. It wasn't Tristan's, I was sure it wasn't him. Natigilan din si Tristan sa paggalaw.

He quickly pulled himself out of me and fixed my skirt. Pareho kaming napalingon sa likod namin nagmamay-ari ng boses na iyon. It was Jason, nakatayo siya sa may pinto ng kusina. I heard Tristan cuss under his breath.

"J-Jason..." I said, still in shock. I felt like a deer in the headlight.

Lumapit sa akin si Jason at hinawakan ako sa braso at marahas na hinatak."Let's go home!" He said in an angry voice.

"You're hurting her." Mariin na sabi ni Tristan.

"Huwag kang mangingialam dito." He snarled. Binitawan niya ako at humarap kay Tristan.

"Jason, please, let's go home." Pakiusap ko sa kanya. Sinubukan ko siyang ilayo kay Tristan para hindi na lumaki ang gulo but he wouldn't budge.

The two of them stared at each other with burning hatred in their eyes. They looked like they wanted to kill each other so I got in between them.

"Tristan please..." I turned to him, pleading with my eys asking him stop because Jason wouldn't listen to me.

"How much do I have to pay you for pleasuring my wife?" Kumuha siya ng pera mula sa bulsa niya at itinapon sa mukha ni Tristan. He didn't move, he just stared at Jason with eyes full of fury. "Kulang pa ba sa'yo yan?"

"Stop it, Jason!"

"Hindi ko kailangan ng pera mo." Mariin na sabi ni Tristan. "I'm fucking richer than you are now. Kayang-kaya kitang bilhin kung gusto ko, Jason."

"Oo nga naman." Jason laughed sarcastically. "Mayaman ka na nga pala ngayon. Pero ang basura, kahit bihisan mo basura pa rin. Aalingasaw pa rin ang amoy. Katulad mo, kahit bihisan mo pa ang sarili mo ng ginto, ugaling iskwater ka pa rin, wala ka pa rin pinagaralan, isa ka pa rin call boy."

Tristan lost his cool. Nasa aktong susugurin ni Tristan si Jason ng pigilan ko siya. "Please, stop it you two!" Sigaw ko sa kanila. Natatakot akong baka magising si Aiko, I don't know how I'll explain to her what had happened.

Sapilitan kong inilabas si Jason sa condo unit para umuwi na.

"Ano bang meron siya na wala ako, ha?" Sigaw niya sa akin pagkalabas namin.

"Please, Jason, calm down." Malumanay na sabi ko. I knew he was drunk and it was the alcohol making him act like this.

"Ganyan ka ba talaga ka-cheap, Andi? Game na game ka kahit saan. Wala ka na ba talagang hiya sa katawan, nagawa mong gawin iyon sa boyfriend ng bestfriend mo sa sarili niyang pamamahay." He said. "You can't get enough of his dick? Meron din ako nun! Kaya kitang paligayahin katulad ng ginagawa niya."

"Jason!" I stared at him in disbelief. I couldn't believe all the words that are coming out of his mouth right now.

"You know what you are? You're a slut! A dirty slut, Andi, that's what you are!"

I slapped him across the face. He looked at me shock for a moment. Realization of what he said began to dawn on his face. "I... Andi, I'm..."

Tumalikod ako sa kanya at naglakad palayo.

He cussed loudly. "I'm so sorry, Andi. I didn't mean what I said." I heard him say as I was walking away.

Sumunod ako sa airport para magpaalam kay Aiko. Of course nandun din si Tristan. I tried to ignore his presence at lumapit ako kay Aiko.

"Miranda, akala ko hindi ka na pupunta." Sabi ni Aiko nang makita ako.

"I'm sorry, I was stuck in the traffic." Sabi ko and then I hugged her. "I'm going to miss you."

"Babalik pa ako, no!" She said laughing. "Bantayan mo ang boyfriend ko habang wala ako." She whispered before breaking the hug and looked at me. "Okay?"

I slowly nodded my head.

"Thanks, bestfriend!" She said,

I suddenly felt guilt gnawing inside me nang maalala ko ang ginawa namin ni Tristan noong nasa condo niya kami. Sa akin niya pa pinagkatiwala si Tristan. He cheated on her with me. He cheated on my bestfriend with me and I feel ashamed. God, I don't even deserve to be called her bestfriend.

"Oh they're calling my flight. I have to go na." Sabi ni Aiko, grabbing the handle of her luggage trolley.

Lumapit siya kay Tristan and she kissed him on his lips. "I love you, baby."

"I'll miss you." Sagot ni Tristan.

"I'll be back." Aiko smiled.

She cupped his face and kissed him again. His arms wrapped around her. I felt a stab of pain in my chest as I watch them.

They broke from the kiss and Aiko waved her hand to me. "Bye, Miranda."

Kinuha niya ulit ang luggage na at naglakad papasok sa airport. She turned around one more time and waved her hand to us. Tumingin sa akin si Tristan ng makapasok na si Aiko. Tinalikuran ko siya at naglakad na palayo.

Chapter Forty Seven

Nililibang ko ang sarili ko sa mall when I saw Phoenix and Cassie, who was very pregnant, he had his arm around Cassie's shoulder at masaya silang nag-uusap. I just had to stare at them for a little while. Phoenix seemed so happy and contented and Cassie was glowing from her pregnancy. She looked really beautiful and radiant, pregnancy suited her well. Napangiti ako ng makita kong halikan ni Phoenix si Cassie sa noo. He's so obviously in love with his wife and they looked so good together.

My heart constricted painfully when my I lowered my eyes to her belly. I was happy for them, I really was but I couldn't help but be jealous. There's always a twinge of sadness and jealousy when I see pregnant women.

"Hey, Andi!" Narinig kong sabi ni Phoenix nang makita niya ako.

I smiled at him at lumapit ako sa kanila. "Hey, what are you guys doing here?"

"We're just looking around for things for the babies." Phoenix said with a wide smile on his face.

Napatingin ako kay Cassie at sa tiyan niya. She looks like she's ready to give birth anytime soon. I really envy her. I wished it was me. She's just so beautiful and happy with her gorgeous bump. Kailan ko kaya mararanasan ang maging isang ina? Will I ever know what it feels like to have a baby growing inside me?

"Ilang months na?" I asked Cassie while looking at her tummy.

She smiled faintly. "Seven."

"Now, you only have to wait two more months." I said with a smile and sighed. They were having twins. Phoenix was so happy when he told me the news. He was so excited he told everyone, he was such a proud daddy-to-be and I think it was cute. Kung sinabi ko kaya kay Tristan noon na buntis ako, ano kaya ang magiging reaction niya.

"I know. Ngayon pa lang excited na ako. I can't wait to meet them." Masayang sabi ni Phoenix as he gazed fondly at her bump. The look on his face everytime he talks about the babies was priceless.

"Am I gonna have nieces or nephews or both?" Tanong ko.

"Actually, we don't know the gender of the twins yet. We want it to be a surprise." Sabi ni Phoenix.

"Oh!" Napahawak si Cassie sa tiyan niya. Pareho kaming napatingin kay Cass.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked.

What's wrong, Cass?" Nag-aalalang napahawak si Phoenix sa tiyan ng asawa niya.

Cassie smiled and put her hand on his. "Nothing. I just felt a kick." She moved Phoenix's hand around. "Did you feel that?"

Napangiti din si Phoenix at tumango. "Yeah, yeah I did."

Tumingin sa akin si Cassie. "They're getting more and more active everyday. Minsan nga nagigising ako ng madaling araw dahil nararamdaman ko silang gumagalaw sa tiyan ko."

"Oh there it is again!" Phoenix said excitedly. "I have a feeling that we're going to have soccer players."

Natawa si Cassie sa sinabi ng asawa.

I bit my lower lip. "Can I... can I touch it too? I want to feel it move." I asked shyly.

"Sure, of course." Agad na sagot ni Cassie.

I put my hands on her bump and felt it slightly move. My eyes grew big and I felt like crying. I couldn't explain how I was feeling right now. I felt so overwhelmed with joy and longing. So this is what it feels like? Sana naranasan ko rin ito. I wish I got to feel my baby move too.

"T-thank you." My voice was shaking and my eyes stung with tears. I removed my hands from her stomach.

Cassie smiled at me with sympathy. She probably noticed I was getting teary eyed. "Hey, someday magkakaroon ka rin ng baby and that child will be lucky to have you as a mother."

"Thanks, Cass." I tried to smiled. Nagpaalam na ako sa kanila pagkatapos cause I know if I stayed any longer, they would probably see me cry.

I was sitting at a press conference for a clothing line I was endorsing. Napapalibutan ako ng mga cameras at microphones. Nagsimula silang magtanong ng mga tanong na may kinalaman sa clothing brand na ineendorse hanggang sa mapunta na sa personal na buhay ko.

"What made you decide to get in to fashion and follow you mother's footstep?" One of the journalists asked.

"Well, it's just kind of happened. I never planned on being a model. I really thought I was going to end up being a kindergarten teacher or something like that." Sagot ko.

"Totoo bang maghihiwalay na kayo ni Jason?" Tanong ng isa pa.

"No, it's not true." Maikling sagot ko.

"Babalik ka pa ba sa States or are you going to stay here for good?"

"My husband and I are planning to stay here for good. He's actually thinking of putting up a business with my dad." Sagot ko.

"Would you be willing to pose nude for a magazine?"

"Maraming nag-ooffer sa akin ng nude photoshoot projects, I turned them all down but now I think I'm ready." Sabi ko. "But I want to work with someone I'm comfortable with. Someone I know. Si Tristan Gonzales, he's my bestfriend's boyfriend and he's a brilliant photographer. I want to work with him."

"Hey." Napaangat ako ng tingin mula sa librong binabasa ko. Jason was standing in front of me with his hands in his pocket. We haven't really talked since nung gabing nag-away kami sa condo ni Aiko. I've been avoiding him since that night.

"Hey." I said before bringing my eyes back to the book I was reading and pretending to be busy. He sat beside me.

"Can I talk to you?" He asked.

I put the book down and looked at him. "About what?"

"I just want to apologize. Gusto kong humingi ng tawad sa mga nasabi ko sa'yo." He said. "I was so drunk that night and... and jealous. I'm out of control when I'm drunk. Hindi ko nakontrol ang emosyon ko. You know how I feel about you right? I know I've told you this before but I'll say it again, I'm in love with you Andi."

"It's alright, I forgive you." Sabi ko and then I took a deep breath. "Naging mabuti ka sa akin at marami kang naitulong sa akin and I'm really thankful for having a friend like you but we can't be more than that. Sorry, Jason."

He nodded his head. "Yeah, I know that. Siya pa rin hindi ba?"

I didn't say anything I just looked at him but somehow I knew that he knows the answer.

He forced a smile. "I will always have your back, Andi. I'll always be here for you when you need me."

"Thank you, Jason." I smiled and hugged him.

Tristan's POV

"Sir, nandito po ang isa sa mga editor ng The Gentlemen magazine. He wants to know if he could talk to you?" Narinig ko ang boses ng sekretarya ko mula sa intercom. It's not really new to me. Maraming magazine ang nag-iinterview sa akin kadalasan may kinalaman sa negosyo.

"Does he have an appointment?" I asked while my eyes were still on the computer screen.

"No, sir. I checked and wala po kayong appointment ngayon araw." Sagot ni Jean.

"Well then, I can't talk to him. I'm pretty busy right now. Tell him that he'd have to set up an appointment." I said.

Pinagpatuloy ko ang trabaho ko at dumating ang lunch break. I usually have lunch with Phoenix at the company's restaurant pero ngayon hindi na masyado. Palagi kasi siyang ginagawan ni Cassie ng baon. Sometimes he'd still come with me to the restaurant but he won't order anything, instead he'd eat the food that Cassie made for him.

Paglabas ko sa opisina agad akong nilapitan ng isang lalaki. "Hi, I'm Carlos Mendoza and I work for The Gentlemen magazine."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mendoza, I'm on a-"

"Please, I need to talk to you. This won't take long." Sabi nito.

I sighed. "Fine."

"I know you're a very busy man ngunit gusto ko lang magbaka sakali kung tatanggapin mo ang offer namin sayo na maging photographer para sa isang photoshoot project." Sabi nito.

"I'm sorry, marami akong pinagkakaabalahan." I said, walking away.

"But it's with Miranda de Veyra." Sabi nito. I paused mid-step when I heard Andi's name. "She said she wanted to do a photoshoot project with you. Papayag lang daw siya kung ikaw ang photographer."

As I was fixing my camera, pumasok si Andi sa kwarto suot ang puting silk robe. Nag-angat ako ng tingin at nagtama ang mga mata namin. She slowly took her robe off, revealing her lingerie to the whole room. She was wearing black lace bra and thong that exposed her butt cheeks with garter belt and stockings. All eyes were on her. Pati ang mga lalaking nagseset-up ng ilaw ay napatigil. I cursed silently, wanting to kill everyone in the room for seeing her in (almost) all her glory. And this is a fucking nude photoshoot! Makikita rin nilang nakahubad si Andi!

"Well are we going to start or what?" Andi raised a brow at me.

I blinked a couple of times before clearing my throat and gesturing her to the bed. Sumampa si Andi sa kama at nagsimulang magpose. Lumapit ang isang lalaki kay Andi para ayusin ang pose niya. His name was Leo, he works for the magazine and he's gay. Hell, I didn't care that he was gay, he needs to get his hands off her.

"Don't touch her!" I blurted. Parang napasong binawi nito ang kamay mula sa pagkakahawak sa braso ni Andi. Everyone stared at me weirdly. "Let her do her own pose. I want the photos I take to be natural." Dahilan ko.

"O-okay..." Leo said reluctantly bago bumalik sa kinauupuan niya sa gilid.

I started taking a couple of shots of her with different poses.

"Okay, take off your bra na, Miranda. Let's do the topless shot!" Sabi ni Leo while I was in the middle of taking her photos. I suddenly frozed. Her. Topless. In front of them. Iniisip ko pa lang gusto ko na magwala.

I looked around the room, all these fuckers are going to see her bumpers! There were 7 guys in the room and 3 women. There's no way in hell am I going to let those guys see her boobs! Not on my fucking watch.

"Everyone, get out of the room!" Sigaw ko bago pa man maabot ni Andi ang hook ng bra niya sa likod. Andi furrowed her brows.

"What?!" Leo stood up from his seat. "Bakit kailangan namin lumabas?"

"Can't you see? She looked tensed. Hindi siya komportable." Sabi ko. "We want this to look natural, don't we?"


"Look, I'm the photographer here, I know what I'm doing. Kung hindi niyo kayang sundin ang simpleng pakiusap ko, ikaw na lang ang kumuha ng shots." Sinubukan kong iabot sa kanya ang camera.

Tinitigan niya lang ito bago tumalikod sa akin at humarap sa mga kasama niya. "Labas muna tayo!"

Lumabas ang lahat at naiwan kaming dalawa ni Andi. I looked at her and she was staring at me.

"Why did you make them leave?" Kunot ang noong tanong niya.

"What? Did you want all those men to look at your..." Bumaba ang tingin ko sa dibdib niya. Hindi pa nga siya nakahubad naglalaway na ang mga lalaking iyon kanina. It really pissed me off.

"Just take off your bra so we can get started." Sabi ko. She looked right into my eyes and a naughty smile appeared on her lips. She reached for her bra hook behind her back without taking her eyes off me, and slowly unclasped it releasing her pink perky nipples. I shifted in my seat, feeling my erection rise. I've seen her body hundreds of times before but it still had the same effect on me.

"How do you want me to pose, Mr. photographer?" She said with a seductive tone on her voice. My pants was getting really tight. She did all the pose I asked her to do. Though it's a 'nude' photoshoot, I took photos showing as little of her as possible. I didn't like the thought of having other men seeing her intimate parts on the magazine, drooling over her, wanting her... like I do right now.

"Now lie on your back, slightly bend one leg and fold your arms to your chest a little." Sabi ko sa kanya habang kumukuha ng shots.

"Why don't you come here and show me what to do." Mapanuksong sabi niya, biting lower lip. I suddenly stopped taking photos and looked at her, dumbfounded. I felt my throat dry and I had to gulp. She raised her brows, hinihintay na gumalaw ako. Binitawan ko ang camera na hawak ko at lumapit sa kanya.

I moved her arm to her chest and accidentally brushed a finger on her nipple. I heard her gasp a little. Fuck! The sexual tension between us was killing. I could feel my shaft getting really painfully hard inside my pants.

While I was fixing her position, she suddenly reached and cupped my crotch. I made a small growl when she slightly squeezed it. "What is this, Mr. Gonzales?" Tumingala siya sa akin. She was looking at me innocently. "Is this a boner? Are you getting hard for me? This is so unprofessional."

"A-andi..." I said in a raspy voice. Her hands went to the button of my pants and she undid it. "Andi what are you doing? There are people outside."

"So? They're outside naman eh." She said as she pulled my pants down along with my underwear. She took my desperately hard length in her hand lightly stroking it. I couldn't help but moan.

"God, Andi!" I groaned as she stroke me. Pagkatapos ay hinatak niya ako sa kama dahilan para mapadagan ako sa kanya. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we started kissing passionately... hungrily. It felt like drinking water from an oasis in the middle of a burning desert. My hands started to wander around her body, feeling every part of her. One of my hand stopped on her bare breast and I kneaded it softly. She moaned against my mouth when I took her nipple between my fingers and started squeezing it.

Soon she was on top of me, lowering herself on my length. I watched as my shaft disappear in her. She was so small and tight like the last time I had her. How did she managed to be this fucking tight and wet at the same time? I pulled her upper body down to me and started sucking one of her breast. Andi let out a loud moan when I began thrusting myself, she started bouncing up and down meeting my thrust. Napakapit siya sa buhok ulo ko, her fingers digging into my hair. Her breath became deeper and more rapid, her pussy tightening around me and I knew she was going to come. I sucked her breast harder, my tongue flicking furiously over her nipple inside my mouth at binilisan ko ang paggalaw. I was getting close to coming too. casual second wedding dresses

"Tristaaan... Ohh f-faster, I'm almost there..." She said with a hoarse, out of breath voice. I thrusted in to her fast and hard, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. My entire body suddenly tensed, I moaned against her breast as I felt my come spurt inside of her. She collapsed on top of me, my dick still inside, throbbing and I could feel her throbbing around me too. Napadapa siya sa dibdib ko, still trying to catch her breath.

Nang makabawi kami pareho ay pinagpatuloy namin ang photoshoot. Nang matapos namin iyon, we ended up going to my condo unit where we made love again and again. I've lost count of how many times.

"Hindi ka ba hinahanap sa inyo, mahal ko?" Tanong ko sa kanya. We were lying on my bed, both tired and sated, her head resting on my arm while my fingers idly stroke her back. Hindi ko maiwasan maalala ang nakaraan, we used to be like this when we were together. I missed cuddling with her after a passionate love making. Ginagawa din ba nila ni Jason ito? Pumasok sa isip ko ang tanong na iyon ngunit agad ko iyon pinalis. Hindi ko dapat iniisip iyon. Ang importante nasa tabi ko siya ngayon, sa akin siya ngayon... hanggang ngayon lang. She isn't mine anymore. She's someone else's wife. Ako ang nakikihati at nakikisawsaw sa relasyon nila ni Jason. Wala akong karapatan kay Andi.

"Bakit? Gusto mo na ba akong umalis?" She said, burying her face in my side.

"Hindi naman sa ganun. I really wish you could here stay in my arms forever." Sabi ko sa kanya, I started playing with her hair. "Pero hindi ka ba hahanapin ng asawa mo?"

"I'll tel l him I slept at a friend's house." She answered lazily.

"The night your husband caught us, what happened after that? May ginawa ba siya sa'yo?" Tanong ko sa kanya. Although I was drunk that night, I could still remember how angry Jason was when he saw us. I would be angry to if I were in his place. Inaamin ko na mali ang ginawa kong iyon. Bukod sa nandun ang asawa niya, nasa pamamahay pa kami ni Aiko. I was so jealous seeing them together. Nagseselos ako kapag nakikita ko sila ni Jason, nagseselos ako kapag hinahawakan at hinahalikan siya ng asawa niya. Alam kong girlfriend ko na si Aiko ngunit hindi ko pa rin maiwasan ang magselos dahil sa totoo lang hanggang ngayon higit na mas matimbang ang nararamdaman ko para kay Andi.

"Wala." Sagot niya. "He was so drunk that night, nakalimutan niya na ang nangyari nung nagising siya."

"Bakit mo ginagawa ito, Andi?" Hindi ko napigilan ang itanong.

"Ang alin?"

"May asawa ka na who can satisfy your needs. Why do you still sleep with me?"

"Because it's more exciting. Nakakasawa din ang iisang sex partner lang." She said.

Natigilan ako. She really did changed alot. It was almost like every bit of her was gone. That innocent, childish and naive girl that I love was gone. She came back a different person and it was all my fault. I could feel the corner of my eyes sting.

"Mahal ko." I whispered before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Bakit mahal ko?" She asked. I thought she was already asleep.


"Why do you call me mahal ko?"

I remembered she doesn't like me calling her mahal ko. "Sorry, old habits die hard."

"I mean, bakit ba mahal ko ang naging tawagan natin." She looked up at me, her eyes half-open.

Bakit nga ba? Kasi mahal ko siya. Ganun kasimple. "Why? Is something wrong with it?"

She crinkled her nose and smiled. "It's so baduy."

"Baduy?" Natawa ako. "Tinatawag mo din akong mahal ko noon."

"Yeah, but I just realized it's baduy." She chuckled.

"What do you mean baduy? It's sweet and unique." Depensa ko. "I didn't want to call you something generic like babe. That's too generic it could almost mean nothing at all."

"Yeah but mahal ko?" She started laughing.

"It could be worse you know."

"It could?" Dumapa siya sa dibdib ko at tumingin sa akin.

"Mm-hm... I could've called you labidabs." I joked.

She laughed. "Yun yung tawag ni mang Celso sa asawa niya." Si mang celso ay ang kapit bahay namin noon nung nakatira pa kami sa apartment.

"You used to love it when I call you mahal ko. Don't you dare try to deny it."

"Sinasakyan ko lang ang kabaduyan mo, no!" She giggled.

"I don't believe you." I smiled, trying to surpress a laugh.

"You don't?" Nilapit niya ang mukha niya sa akin. Our face were only centimeters away from each other.

"Nah." I said shaking my head. She cupped my face and gave me alot small kisses on the lips, then those little kisses became long and passionate.

She got on top of me and we started kissing again. I guess we're up for another round. I shifted position so I was on top now and she was lying on the bed. My lips went down to her neck and to her breast, kissing it alternately... to her stomach, she automatically opened her legs for me when I licked the smooth skin below her stomach. I planted small kisses on her inner thigh, teasing her.

"Tristan, please..." She whispered. My lips moved to her slit, kissing her there. We were both startled when the phone rang. Inangat ko ang ulo ko at tumingin sa kanya.

"Just answer it, it might be important." Sabi niya. Umupo ako at inabot ang telepono. Tinignan ko ang caller id, si Aiko.

"It's Aiko." Sabi ko kay Andi. Umiwas siya ng tingin sa akin. I cleared my throat before answering the call. "Aiko."

"Hi baby, I'm missing you so bad right now." Sabi niya sa kabilang linya. "Ano'ng oras na ba dyan sa Pilipinas?"

"It's three in the morning." Sabi ko.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

"No, I was just getting ready for bed. May... may tinapos lang akong trabaho." Sagot ko. I felt so aweful for lying to her.

"Bigla lang kasi kitang naisip." She said. "Is Miranda doing a good job?"

Pakiramdam ko nanigas ang buong katawan ko. What the fuck? How did she know? Tumingin ako kay Andi at kumunot ang noo niya. She probably sensed that something was wrong.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as I could.

"I asked her to look after you while I'm gone para masiguradong hindi ka nangbabae." She laughed.

"Oh..." I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. But fuck, I feel so guilty right now. "Well, um, Andi and I saw each other today. Ako ang photographer sa photoshoot project niya."

"Wow, that's so nice. I can't wait to see the photos." Excited na sabi niya. "I'm sure you and Miranda did a fantastic job. Well, I need to go na, baby. I'll call you later."

"Okay, goodnight. Mag-ingat ka d'yan." Sabi ko.

"You, too. I love you, baby. Bye." Sabi niya bago ibinaba ang phone.

Lumingon ako kay Andi. She was looking down, guilt evident in her eyes. Napasandal ako sa headboard. This is so fucking wrong. Kapag nalaman ni Aiko ang nangyayari sa amin dalawa ni Andi baka masira pa ang pagkakaibigan nila. I feel so goddamn awful.


Chapter Forty Eight

Hinintay ko siyang matulog bago ako umalis. When I was sure he was already asleep I gently took his arm off my waist and placed it beside him as I sat up on the edge of the bed. I hope my plan works out in my favor. Sana mabuntis na ako pagkatapos nito. I did everything the doctor told me to do, I already stopped taking birth control pills months ago and I was sure I was fertile before we had sex. I was desperate. Really desperate for a baby. It was all I wanted more than anything else in the world. It never left my mind since the day I touched Cassie's pregnant belly and felt the baby move under my hand. It was a great feeling. Paano pa kaya kung anak ko na ang maramdaman kong gumagalaw sa loob ng tiyan ko?

I promised to myself that this would be the last time na gagawin namin ito. We made love all night long and all those times he came inside of me. Sana talaga magwork ang plano ko. I glanced at Tristan who was still peacefully sleeping. I knew I exhausted him as much as he did to me. I still felt sore between my thighs but it was in a good way. I carefully got out of bed, put my clothes on and quietly left his condo unit.

Kung sakaling magbunga ang ginawa namin I would go back to Los Angeles, I would give birth and raise my baby there. Hindi malalaman ni Tristan ang tungkol dito. Wala siyang karapatan. Kinukuha ko lang ang dapat na sa akin noon pa man.

He called and texted me numerous times after that night but I ignored it all. I was tempted to answer, of couse. I really missed him but I thought mas maguguluhan lang ako kung gagawin ko iyon. I kept telling myself na nakaya ko naman na wala siya sa buhay ko ng tatlong taon and I would do fine without him. I didn't want to complicate things between us anymore. I didn't want to get my stupid emotions involved. I was just after his sperm.

Three days ago pa mula ng umuwi si Aiko galing sa Los Angeles. That's how I knew how serious she was with Tristan. That was so not Aiko. She wouldn't go out of her way for a guy but she went out of her way for him. She was head over heels in love. Hindi ko siya nasundo sa airport nang dumating siya, in fact we still haven't seen each other. Umiiwas lang ako kay Tristan, I knew he was going to be there too kaya hindi na lang ako nagpunta. She wanted to meet up with me today.

Nakaligo at nakabihis na ako ng makalabas ako ng bathroom. Nagkasalubong kami ni Jason at nagkabangga. He quickly caught me by the waist before I could hit the ground. I just felt so weak these days. Maybe it was because I had been eating so little. Palagi akong walang gana dahil siguro I was still upset about the negative pregnancy test. Yes, I took a pregnancy test about a week ago and it came up negative. I did cry over it and I've been crying alot about it.

"Hey, are you alright?" Tanong sa akin ni Jason at dahan-dahan inalalayan at inupo sa kama.

"Yeah, I just got a little dizzy." Sabi ko.

"You've been acting weird these past few days. Sigurado ka bang ok ka lang?" He asked in a worried tone.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." I said with an assuring smile.

"Aalis ka ba ngayon?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"I'm going to meet up with Aiko." Sabi ko. I couldn't bail out on her, magtatampo na talaga sa akin iyon.

"Ihahatid na kita." Sabi ni Jason.

"No, no... you don't have to." I said. Ayaw kong maabala pa siya.

"Makikipagkita rin ako kay attorney kaya sumabay ka na lang sa akin." Sabi niya. Hindi na ako tumanggi pa. I didn't know if I could drive or even function right now. I've been feeling under the weather this week. I couldn't pinpoint anything specific that made me feel crappy but I just do.

Jason dropped me off at the mall where Aiko and I were supposed to meet.

"Ano'ng oras kita susunduin?" He asked before I got out of the car.

I smiled at him. "I'll just take a cab home."

He shook his head. "No, I'm going to pick you up."

"Really, Jason, it's okay. You don't have to." Sabi ko.

"But I want to." He said with a warm smile. "Hindi ba sabi ko naman sa'yo babawi ako sa kasalanan ko."

I smiled back at him. He maybe an asshole sometimes, especially when intoxicated, but the more I got to know him, the more I realized that it was all just an exterior, his assholeness. He was really a nice guy. It would be so much easier kung sa kanya akong na in love instead of Tristan. Siya naman talaga ang dapat na naging asawa ko noon pa man. I wonder what might have happened if I had never met Tristan... if I didn't ran away with him that night. I think I would have eventually fallen in love with Jason. Hindi naman kasi siya mahirap mahalin.

"Andi?" He raised his brows, waiting for an answer. I snapped back from my thought.


He chuckled. "What time am I going to pick you up?"

"Oh, um..." I looked down at my wrist watch. Wala naman din akong planong magtagal. I'll just have lunch with Aiko at uuwi na rin ako. I wasn't really in the mood para mamasyal. "Siguro mga three o'clock."

"Ok, got it." He said with a wink. I thanked him for dropping me off at nagpaalam na siya at umalis.

Habang naglalakad ako napahinto ako sa isang drug store. I thought of taking another pregnancy test. Maybe mali lang yung unang result. Maybe I really am pregnant kaya siguro palaging masama ang pakiramdam ko. Okay, I was still indenial. Hindi ko pa rin tanggapin na hindi ako buntis! But it wouldn't hurt kung susubukan ko ulit.

So, I found myself in front of the cashier asking for a pregnancy test kit. Nang mabayaran ko iyon ay agad akong nagpunta sa isa sa rest room. I took the pregnancy test kit from the box, peed on the stick and got myself ready for another disappointment. Five minutes. I had to wait five minutes for the result to show up.

Biglang tumunog ang phone ko at sinagot ko iyon.

"Where are you?" It was Aiko. "I've been waiting for you for, like, forever!"

"Papunta na ako." I said.

"Nasaan ka na ba?" Tanong niya. "Please hurry na, there's a creep following me!"

"Okay, okay, geez." I said shaking the pregnancy test. Damn it! Bakit hindi pa lumabas ang result? I decided to put it back in the box and just shove the box inside my bag. Lumabas na ako ng rest room at pinuntahan ko siya.

"Mirandaaa!" Sinalubong niya ako ng yakap ng makita ako. I hugged her back. "I missed you girl."

"Aw, I missed you, too." Sabi ko.

"Thank God, you're here. There's this weird guy following me around." She said as we release from the hug.

I laughed. "Maybe, he's just a fan."

"Whatever, he's creeping me out." She shrugged. "Let's have lunch. I'm really starving."

Pumasok kami sa isang restaurant at umorder ng pagkain. Aiko had ordered a clam chowder in a bread bowl while I had lasagna. We had our usual chit-chat but she did most of the talking. I just stayed silent, maybe because I was afraid something would slip out of my mouth. Something like, 'hey I had sex with your boyfriend because I wanted him to get me pregnant'. This guilt was eating me up inside. I sighed, playing with my food.

"Are you okay?" Tanong niya sa akin.

No, I feel shit. I smiled anyway, "Yeah."

"Are you sure? Kanina ka pa matamlay." She asked in a worried tone.

"Okay lang ako, don't worry about me." Sabi ko.

She shrugged her shoulders and went back to eating her food. I got up and excused myself to the ladies' room. As I was walking back to the table where Aiko was, a hand grabbed me. Hinatak niya ako sa may gilid ng restaurant na nahaharangan ng pader. I was going to scream when he covered my mouth.

"Sshh... It's just me." The sound of his voice scared me even more than I already was. Dahan-dahan niya akong binitawan at iniharap sa kanya. We stared at each other for awhile. "Andi..."

I shut my eyes tightly, trying to hold back my tears. "Tristan, what are you doing? Nandyan lang si Aiko!"

"Bakit hindi mo sinasagot ang mga tawag at text ko?" He said, hurt in his voice.

"Dahil wala naman tayong dapat pag-usapan pa." I said, trying to keep my voice from cracking. "May asawa ako at may girlfriend ka. What we had was just sex."

"Shit, Andi! Hindi na kita maintindihan. You keep running hot and cold on me!" His voice was low but I could tell he was trying his best not to shout. "If I end it with her now, iiwanan mo ba si Jason, sasama ka ba sa akin?"

I slowly shook my head. "Mahal ko ang asawa ko."

The hurt in his eyes lanced through me. Tumalikod na ako sa kanya. I couldn't bare seeing it. Iniwan ko siya at naglakad pabalik sa kinauupuan namin ni Aiko. Hindi ko alam na nasa likod ko lang pala siya at nakasunod sa akin.

"Hi, baby." Tumayo si Aiko sa kinauupuan niya at yumakap kay Tristan. I watched as she hugged him tight. His eyes were fixed on me as he hug her back. I had to look down, trying to ignore the pain in my chest. It seemed so long since the last time I was in his arms. "I know this was supposed to be our date pero ininvite ko na ang boyfriend ko. I hope you don't mind."

"N-not at all." I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

Umupo si Tristan sa tabi ni Aiko at ako naman ay sa harap nila.

"I know your secret..." Aiko said, one corner of her mouth curled slightly up. I suddenly dropped the fork I was holding and looked up at her. I could feel myself pale in shock... I didn't know how to react, what to say or what to do. Tumingin ako kay Tristan, halos pareho kami ng reaksyon.

"A-aiko... I-"

"Oh my god, Miranda!" She squealed. "I'm so happy for you!"


"Why didn't you tell me you're pregnant!" She said. I became even more confused. Inilabas niya ang pregnancy test. "Nahulog kasi yung bag mo kanina and this fell out of your bag."

"Oh..." My mind buffered for a few seconds. Wait, what? Buntis ako? Kinuha ko sa kanya ang pregnancy test at tinignan. Two pink lines. Totoo ba ito?

"Congratulations, you're going to be a mommy." Masayang sabi niya.

I felt an urge to cry out of happiness. I couldn't believe it. I'm pregnant... Then, I remembered that Tristan was there, too. I looked up at him. His eyes were glazed, nakakunot ang noo niya and he looked spaced out. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

"Alam na ba ni Jason?" Excited na tanong ni Aiko.

"O-of course, siya nga ang unang nakaalam." I lied.

"I'm so happy for you, guys." Nakangiting sabi ni Aiko. Pinilit ko rin ngumiti. But really, I didn't know what to feel. My emotions were running wild.

Tumunog ang phone ni Aiko. She excused herself from the table to answer the call. I felt a sense of panic nang kami lang dalawa ni Tristan ang naiwan sa mesa. Hindi ako mapakali sa kinauupuan ko. I wanted to get up from my seat.

"Andi." He called my name and I hesitantly looked at him. "That baby could possibly be mine." He softly said.

"NO!" Mariin na tanggi ko. "Kay Jason ito!"

"Paano ka nakakasiguro? We never used protection!" Tumaas ang boses niya.

"Can you keep your voice down? Baka marinig ka ni Aiko!" Inis na sabi ko sa kanya. "Hindi sa'yo itong dinadala ko. Katawan ko ito kaya alam ko!"

"How could you possibly know?" His eyes narrowed.

"Minsan lang yung nangyari sa atin. My husband and I have sex every night."

"Pero may posibilidad pa rin na sa akin yang dinadala mo." Sabi niya. "If that's really mine, I want to be in my child's life as his or her father!"


"You know what? Drop it! Ayoko na makipagtalo sa'yo!" I said giving him a glare. He opened his mouth and was about to say something nang bumalik si Aiko... with Jason.

"Yeah, I know, I still can't believe I'm going to be a father." Narinig kong sabi ni Jason kay Aiko habang palapit sila. I bit my lower lip.

"Your baby daddy is here to pick you up, Miranda." Sabi ni Aiko.

"J-jason..." I looked up at him from my seat. He smiled at me faintly.

"Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded my head before taking my bag. I quickly glanced at Tristan who was quietly looking at us. His face was dark and unsmiling. I swung the bag on my shoulder at nagpaalam na kay Aiko.

Tahimik na nagda-drive si Jason at nakaupo ako sa passenger's seat at nakatanaw sa labas ng bintana. There was an uncomfortable silence between us. I couldn't read any emotions on his face. Was he mad at me?

"Um, kumusta ang meeting niyo ni atty. Gutierrez?" I asked, just to break the unsettling silence between us.

I heard him took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay naman."


"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, his voice was calm but cold. Napalingon ako sa kanya. "Bakit kailangan sa iba ko pa malaman?"

"I didn't think you would want to know." I said quietly.

"Of course, I would want to know. I'm your husband." He said.

"I'm sorry, ngayon ko lang din nalaman."

There was a short silence and then he sighed again. "Does he know?"

"Yes, he knows I'm pregnant." I answered.

"Does he know he's the father?"

"Sinabi ko sa kanyang sa'yo ito..." I fidgeted with my hands on my lap. "I'm sorry kinailangan ko lang talaga sabihin sa kanya iyon kasi-"

"Andi, that baby is mine, ok?" Sabi niya. "Hindi niya malalaman na sa kanya ang batang dinadala mo."


"I'm your husband." His hand snaked to mine and he squeezed it. "Ibibigay ko sa kanya ang pangalan ko, ako ang tatayong ama sa batang dinadala mo. I would treat the child like my own. Totohanin na natin ang pagiging mag-asawa natin."

End of Chapter 48.