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Tell me how it feels to grow in the shadows. It happens while I'm sleeping, feeding off the dew and the rotting forest floor. Everything sifts down here, everything drifts to the bottom and gets swallowed by the silence. The forest is shimmering in waves of heat, bugs buzzing, pine needles crackling beneath my feet. I walk with a rhythm of swish, swish through the grass, and hope for rain. DressAfford off the rack wears for bridesmaid



I found a mushroom
walking in the rainy woods
and I moved in for good
it was the largest I've seen
it was big enough for me
it had all the space I'll ever need
(feed my sleepless dreams)
these brand new shoes
are slow to break in
still I'm faking
an ease of transportation
it takes an awful long time
to get where I'm going
without ever leaving
(block out the sound of my breathing)
give a hand to my heaving chest
know me well, but don't know me the best
I'm still trying to get a little lost
of all my adventures
this has the lowest cost
and if someone tries to tell me
they know exactly what I should
I'll find a mushroom
in the rainy woods
and I'll move in for good


July 16, 2017
Harmony, Nova Scotia

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