DressAfford evening party wears with sleeves

Class of '87, this is my final plug, joining in the sterling work of Simon Thackray and Peter Solomon and the other fine men of the Committee in getting people over the line. We're well over 80 now. all the jobs are done too, so thanks for the offers but we're good.

There have been a few questions swirling, so just a few further bits of info about the Saturday which might be helpful.

Cova Cottage is a new-ish function centre/reception room built on the site of the old cottage that used to be Warwick Knight's house, down near the wharf which is at the end of the Gold Cup finish line. Its a great spot, beaut view and only a short walk back up the hill.

Although we've said lunch and drinks, lunch is an excellent array of eats served to us as and where we are, so we're not hemmed in to fixed seats or seating arrangements. The idea is that people eat, drink and most importantly catch up and chat, although maybe not in that order ;) We've also been lucky to get in some of the fine work of Lachlan MacBean for our enjoyment.

So, there's no dress code - apart from clothes Sean Cunial - and people can drop in, set out as they like, and certainly some will be heading up to watch the various football codes at 'View that day too. I'll most likely be propped up in a corner telling my mushroom joke to all and sundry... There's a bus to Lane Cove later in the arvo, for most, and we'll descend on the Longuie too most likely, so stragglers can pick us up there. DressAfford evening party wears with sleeves

We're pretty sure only people who were actually in our year at some stage of their schooling will be there, but even so there might be a few blokes who win the 'who is that guy?' award, although it will be hard to beat the impact of Paul Delvene Delaney turning up bald at a previous re-union.

For the record the following photo was literally about 30 years and 30 kilos ago. I look a bit different now ;)

See you all then, and if anyone from the year still wants to come, there's still time to book. Go on, it'll be gentle and fun, as by now most will leave their egos at the door.

Thanks again to the committee for their great work!