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American Citizens

Be very careful in these times. I watch videos on UTube and some are Constructed Theories which I place no value in those, some are Historic Documentaries, some are just mindless noise and some detail what seems to be rents developing but not quite ready to boil over, just yet.

I ask you, have you ever really thought about all the ramifications of a 2nd Civil War, in America?

Even, more important, have you ever been to war, with boots on the ground? Fired your weapon to kill another Human and had your enemy fired back at you? Have you ever held those dying because of Mortal wounds? Have you ever written a letter to another Soldier's family with the news of the Son or Daughter being killed?

I shall tell you from very personal experiences that it is not the Fantasies you see on TV, safe in your home's, back in America. War is very, very, very and disgustingly brutal. Humans go back down to Animals. Their moral values become compromised by all that they experienced and anyone that tells you it does not, is lying to you, or putting up a facade or just be Manly? Or worse yet, never been to war. Yes. It is just a fantasy in their Heads because you learn to hate war. I have done all of these and paid a price for it, personally. I did my duty but never harmed Civilians, only my enemies and they harmed me, three times. They wounded my People and the killed, terrorized and maimed Civilians. Yes, I rescued babies from the enemy and cried with joy when I got that life, in my arms. I was a Sergeant and born the Sex of Male. I had no "Manhood" to prove but I had 11 other lives to protect, and for my own survival. I am a Transsexual Combat Veteran from the Vietnam Conflict/War. No shame and proud that I served Our country. Did you read that, "no regrets". And "proud of my service". Wounded three times and returned to duty, in three days with pain medication because those brave Young Men depended on me, I was their Squad Sergeant. They know I was a Girl, in my own mind and they have told me, DressAfford black and white mixed color style for the wedding

"We love you Girl, I mean Sergeant!"

You see, we see it all differently because it was reality not a fantasy. Yes. I killed the enemy and feel no remorse for their deaths. They fired on me and I fired back. I know the pain of losing some of my own, fellow Americans and even South Vietnamese. The Communist? They were born to die, for their beliefs. I am an American and not born to die but trained to kill
My enemies. Sounds exciting? BS!!!! It is your job and you do it or you die.

Do you want to see your home or your neighbor's home destroyed by Civil War? Really??? How about the Car burned, pets butchered, families killed and worst yet your Grandchildren under a white sheet, cold and lifeless?

Yes. Your a Man and you can take it because you are a Man! Bullshit! You do not become numb from it until you experience enough of it. You shove it back, in your mind but then you must sleep sometime and it all comes back, when you least expect it. You sit on the edge of your bed, smoke a cigarette and just stare into space. You are bewildered, lost, feel hopeless and confused because it is not real but it was real. You not in the jungles, you are in your bedroom but it does not look like your bedroom and you can smell the Rice Paddies, the Blood, the sulphur and the sweat told down your face. Your body is hot but the AC is on. It all seems very real but it is not. It is a Flashback and it happens so quick. You are numb. Yes. That is PTSD and you have it the rest of your life. There is no cure and if you believe they have one, then you are gullible or a Fool.

Do you really want all that and Survivor's guilty, anxiety all day, each day and fifty plus other symptoms? You think you've Man enough? Bullshit! If it does not affect you the you are a 2 percenter and I discharged you type. They sent you to Walter Reed and you stayed there until you could cope or sent you to Leavenworth. Stereotypes of a John Wayne movie. Bullshit!!!!

You want a Second Civil War because your angry at Government? Horseshit!! You have been programmed by Politicians who will never see Combat because they are REMFs or "Rear Echelon Mither Fuckers". They have to "run the unit" back where it is safe. You, your on the Firing Line and you see the blood, mud, slim, leeches and all the dying to hear all the wounded crying out for help. What can you do. The enemy is firing on you. You question all the teachings of religion, school and your family life. You dear no one will recognize you because you know you are changed and you want the Old You back. Dream on Fool. Gone. Few of us ever see that person again, very G-damn few of us. Dream on Cupcake.

It is not government but all the Professional politicians and Political parties that give the orders and other are compelled to follow, to get their Paychecks.

You understand it now. You can focus and soon you will talk about your second amendment Rights, to bare Arms, as you take your last breath, choke up the blood and want your last cigarette, while other stare down at you, to watch you die, alone because you are the only one dying at that second. Others will follow but you go alone.

Be a Man and do not Cry then you are weak and someone else's Bitch.... Bullshit. You are going to die!

Bravado. Bullshit! Fantasies. Get over your little Stereo-types and be a Human again. You will live longer. Patriots die they do not live. War makes you a Survivor or Dead!!!

You get it now? I hope so. Get over yourself, your politics, religion and that crap they put in your head. Take it from a Sergeant who is at the front with you. Not any others except those around you. They are important to your survival. Their Sex, Gender or Sexual Orientation does not matter, they are firing at the enemy and you can still hear the rounds whizzing past your head. That is war and it sucks!

I have to sleep tonight. How long do you think? Eight hours? Six hours? Four hours? How about one to two hours, if I am lucky with sleep medication. Then 1 or 2 hours awake, a walk about, a cigarette or two. Then lay down and try again. Maybe a snack maybe not because it makes you sleep to be awoken again, from things long gone. Yes. Right! In your dreams! Go pound sand.

Think about Civil war and think again about how vulnerable our Nation will be once we start killing each other. Those Politicians they will remain in control and have a good life under your new Masters, Americans. You can not fight other Americans and the Foreigners, too.

You crack me up with your Fantasies of GI Joe. Your plastic toy guns, your uniforms and no substantial training. You qualified at a local gun range. A running target is harder to hit than a Man size target standing perfectly still. Then there is your weapon jams and your enemy charges you. Now it is Close Quarters combat and it last only seconds until one of you is dead. Dream on boys. In your wet dreams.

Think about all of this and all that you can imagine and there are no guarantees, in Combat, just you and your enemy.

Peace & Love,
Ms. Rachel M. Vest
US Citizen
US Veteran