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Cobwebs Episode 77**
“Hello T.” I said lowly and some moments after, it felt strangely
quiet. First I heard her soft gasp and sharp breath on hearing my
voice before the heavy silence. It was my turn to keep repeating
the hello after the moment of silence.
After repeating the hello a couple of times, I felt she has done me
the honor of not being rude by dropping the call but rather waiting
for me to take cue and do it. Maybe she has waited for my call all
the while I was sorting out things with Fiolla. If she went dead on
me, I wouldn’t blame her; nobody would. I said the hello for the
last time and just as I was about to end the call, her voice came
“Never knew I was going to hear from you again.” she said. I
noticed she was trying not to let her voice betray her but it did as
she sniffed a little audibly, a sign that she was in tears.
For a moment I didn’t know what to say as tears gathered in my
eyes choking up on my throat. Her sob was coming through from
her end of the phone and that was all that was needed as we both
started crying like babies before one could say jack.
For more than five minutes we kept crying into each other’s ear.
On my part, I couldn’t for any reason figure out why I was crying
but the tears kept coming.
“T, I’m sorry for all I have put you through,” I said through tears,
“I am very sorry.”
“I thought I was never going to hear from you again,” she started
sniffing. “I’ve waited everyday for your call and with each day
came so many thoughts.”
“I know I am the worst of all guys now but, I’m not leaving you
again T; I’m yours from this moment and on.” I assured her
wiping the tears off my face with the back of my hand.
Maybe she didn’t expect the words that she heard as she relapsed
into silence and tears again. For that little moment, quietness
“You do not doubt the paternity of my baby?” she asked
“No.” I answered assuredly. “Even if it’s not mine, I’m not leaving
you not anymore.”
“I felt a movement for the first time immediately I heard your
voice, Toby it’s yours. I never had anything with another guy …….”
She started before I shushed her.
“Shhhh!! I know.” I replied.
“Toby, I am sorry for all the things you’ve passed through. I didn’t
want to call, didn’t want to put in more pressure on you.” She
said. “I am sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed
“T?” I called, “I owe everything to you, don’t know how it would’ve
been without your help.”
“At least, I should have been with you.”
“Bunmi has been more than helpful to me, all thanks to you.”
She was about saying something else when I cut through her
“T how are you?” It wasn’t just ‘how are you’; it had so many
things to it. She stayed silent for a while before answering.
“I’m fine and the baby also.” She replied.
“How many months gone?”
“Two months and two weeks. It’s a boy Toby.”
“A boy?” I asked surprised and overwhelmed.
‘Yes, I have already named him after you.” She replied with a
chuckle. I smiled with a mixture of feelings running through me.
“Can I be the best father to him?” I asked rhetorically but audible
enough to her hearing.
“Toby?” she called, “I wouldn’t have wished for it to belong to
another person. You are an amazing guy and I am sure you are
going to be an amazing father too.”
“I am not sure T, I’m a bit scared. I don’t have anything for him
yet.”I said truthfully.
“Toby you don’t need to have the whole world. I was a bit scared
myself but that was before. But with each passing day, I felt better
knowing that I will give him the best of whatever life has got to
Another moment of silence passed before she continued.
“Bunmi has kept me abreast of all the developments in your case.
I heard you are not pressing charges.” She said more like a
“Yes.” I replied calmly.
“They treated you inhumanly, you deserve to get justice Toby.”
She continued.
“I know T, but, it’s just complicated. I don’t want to push the case
further, I want it laid to rest.” I replied.
“Toby I will fight this for you. I won’t just let it slip like that. I will Dress Affordable short curvy styled brides like to wear of the wedding
tell Bunmi to file charges on your behalf.” She said.
“T no. I don’t want to file charges against the company. If I do, I
will be hurting someone who I don’t want to.”
“Toby?” she called probably confused.
“T, I have something I need to tell you and that’s the reason for all
that happened.”
I went on and narrated to her everything that happened between
Fiolla and I which led to my suspension and getting arrested. She
was speechless by the time I was done with my story.
“So you see, everybody thinks that I need to file charges and get
justice but, to what end? I won’t be hurting the company, it will be
Fiolla. And the company itself might probably deny that she was
acting for them and file charges against upon sacking her. That’s
not what I want for her or her son Hope. Now I have made peace
with everything and all that is left is to move on.”
“What about the baby?” she asked.
“She lost it, had a miscarriage.” I replied.TBC