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I'm over weight!!! (Says bmi) ????

This is why I hardly weigh myself, so I have gained 7lbs and am looking a bit fuller for it.. however that's because I've been forgetting to do as much cardio workouts so have gained more muscle (for those who dont know muscle weighs 3 times more than fat) Dress Affordable prom formal garments with affordable price

Anyway the point I'm making is when your setting goals don't rely on the scales (weight goals) they can be very decvicing and cause disappointment, which may set you back. An alternative to ... weight goals - buy a pair of jeans or a dress you want to fit in to - drop a clothes size.

BUT over all of that i would recommend take the aspect of what the exercise will make you look like out... and just focus on how it makes you feel.. *if you can focus on the feeling.. you will stick to it* exercise 100% makes you feel good ???? *endorphins* ????

Start setting fitness related goals eg. I've done 10 sit ups today, tomorrow I'm going to do 15 sit ups...and the body will come naturally, without you worrying about it ????

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