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To take a break from all the religious stuff being posted here lately, I think we could discuss philosophy. I think we could discuss a quote from my favourite philosopher.

The world out of stuff called matter, is an illusion. Even the world out of stuff called mind, is an illusion. But the world made out of consciousness is real.

- Rupert Spira.

My interpretation is that the material world is just sine and cosine waves vibrating in a slow frequency which creates the illusion of the material world. The material world is nothing more than a thought which these waves create. Pretty much like the worlds we explore and create when we are dreaming. The difference between those worlds and this "reality" is that this is collective. We create out reality on the same frequencies. This is the basics of quantum mechanics.

The world of senses is an illusion because the senses can be easily distrorted. For example sound, touch, hearing hallucinations. Drugs, including alcohol destort them as well.

The world of consciousness is the observer. The thing we call "I" our "soul". This is the observer of the thoughts, feelings and the material world. Also the "creatior" of these things. You choose what you want to observe and how to interpret this world you subjectively create. Think of it like lucid dreaming. Some people are aware of that they are dreaming and have the ability to manipulate their world according to their own will. While others just "float around" with a low sense of consciousness. Dress Affordable one shoulder of the styled items to wear

I want to hear your interpretation of what Rupert Spira said. :)