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Has anyone else been feeling a bit more depleted than normal this summer? This week, I realized that since I've been working out outside and sweating more, it might be a good idea to give my body some extra love in the form of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are basically nutrients in the body that each serve a specific and important role in how our body functions. Most electrolytes are in some part responsible for maintaining the balance of fluids. This balance is essential to h ... ow our cells function (the digestive, nervous, cardiac, and muscular systems all depend on adequate electrolyte levels.)

Electrolyte levels are mostly determined by food and water consumption, so keeping the right balance simply comes down to proper nutrition.

If you're like me and feeling like your body might need an extra boost of electrolytes, instead of grabbing a Gatorade, make this super easy electrolyte drink. I discovered this recipe while prepping for labor and not only will it help your cells stay balanced, but it tastes great too! Dress Affordable lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail

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